Our Team.

Meet Our Leadership

We are proud of our committed and diverse staff driven by our common goal to create lasting wellbeing for children and families.

Maryan Sheikh Ali


Maryan Sheikh Ali, GIRD’s esteemed CEO, boasts a career spanning over 15 years, marked by a profound commitment to community development in pastoral and agro-pastoral regions across the Somali Region of Ethiopia, Somalia, and northern Kenya. Her expertise in livestock marketing, food security, and market system development approaches has been pivotal in empowering these communities. Maryan’s dedication extends to developing alternative livelihoods for individuals transitioning from pastoralism, focusing on skills development and employment opportunities. Her leadership has played a pivotal role in drought recovery efforts and sustainable market-based emergency interventions. Formerly the Economic and Livelihood Manager, Maryan oversaw SSF-funded projects in Somalia, showcasing her ability to lead complex initiatives successfully. Beginning her journey in 2009 with Mercy Corps in Ethiopia and Kenya, Maryan has undertaken progressively challenging roles, culminating in her role as CEO at GIRD. In this capacity, she leads and manages GIRD’s operational and administrative functions, defines the organization’s strategic vision, and maintains strong relationships with stakeholders. Maryan exemplifies high ethical standards, integrity, and fairness, shaping GIRD’s culture and interactions.

Yusuf Hussein Ibrahim

Country Director

Yusuf Hussein Ibrahim, GIRD’s Country Director, brings over 18 years of distinguished experience in development and relief work, with a significant portion of his career spent overseas. His extensive expertise spans crucial areas, including economic development, capacity building, food security, social protection, and WASH. Yusuf plays a pivotal role within our organization, providing crucial oversight and leadership during project start-up, ensuring effective implementation within specified timelines and scope. With a minimum of 18 years managing development programs in various humanitarian contexts in Somalia, Yusuf is proficient in working with institutional donors such as ECHO, DFID, UN, USAID/OFDA, SHF, SIDA, NFA, GFFO, emphasizing planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and financial management. His exceptional interpersonal, motivational, and management skills contribute to GIRD’s success. As the current Country Director, Yusuf oversees staff well-being, provides strategic leadership, manages programs, and ensures operational efficiency in pursuit of GIRD’s goals.

Mohamud Omar Ali

Operation & Compliance Manager

Mohamud Omar Ali, GIRD’s Operations & Compliance Manager, is an accomplished professional with over eight years of expertise in Financial Accounting, Reporting, and Budgeting. Throughout his career, Mohamud has demonstrated a strong commitment to serving multi-donor international and national organizations, contributing to both long-term development projects and emergency responses in Somalia and Kenya. His experience spans diverse donors, including UNOPS, USAID, EU, DFID, SIDA, and notable foundations like the Hilton Foundation and the Open Society Foundation. Notably, he successfully oversaw the implementation of a program valued at more than 13 million Euros, funded by the EU. Mohamud’s financial expertise includes comprehensive financial management, reporting, budget development and monitoring, as well as the establishment of internal and external controls. His character is characterized by integrity, confidentiality, and organizational skills, complemented by strong interpersonal and communication skills. As GIRD’s Operations & Compliance Manager, Mohamud plays a pivotal role in upholding operational excellence, ensuring compliance with regulations, standards, and policies, and overseeing financial processes for judicious resource utilization. His contributions are integral to GIRD’s ability to fulfill its objectives with credibility and efficiency.

Farah Jama Farah

Program Manager

Farah Jama Farah, GIRD’s Program Manager, brings 5 years of professional expertise in peacebuilding, governance, food security, livelihoods, and market system development programs. His skills include implementing market system approaches, fostering innovation in market development, developing small businesses, and providing alternative livelihoods for individuals in IDP camps, host communities, and returnees. Farah excels in contributing to drought recovery, sustainable market-based emergency interventions, and project management. Known for his strong confidentiality, effective information management, and commitment to deadlines, Farah’s diverse background equips him to contribute expertise and follow leadership directives. Having worked with UN and GIZ funded programs, international organizations, and consulting firms, Farah currently oversees GIRD’s projects in Somalia. His holistic perspective, diverse skill set, and cultural sensitivity drive creative solutions to interconnected issues, catalyzing sustainable change and maximizing project impact through effective partnerships and culturally appropriate interventions.