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GIRD is non-profit organization established in the year 2016

Global Initiative for Resilience and Development, GIRD is non-profit organization established in the year 2016 to replicate and cascade the global agenda of strengthening livelihoods through resilience and development as opposed to the traditional emergency aid delivery in order to strengthen the capacity of communities to absorb and adapt to cyclic shocks and stresses.

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Climate and Marine Conservation

Localised Development

Economic Development and Livelihood Diversification

Water Hygiene and Sanitation

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Resilience is the ability of the communities to bounce back after crisis and improving livelihoods at a time of increasing disasters and humanitarian crises.

Paul Harvey from Humanitarian Outcomes stated that, by being de facto involved in decades-long protracted emergencies, humanitarian actors have the responsibility to plan long term by building resilient systems and therefore avoid recurrent relapses into crises.

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Eighty percent of humanitarian needs emanate from violent conflict. Two thirds of all humanitarian assistance is provided to long-term recipients facing protracted crises of duration of eight years or more. Protracted conflicts have contributed to the unprecedented levels of humanitarian needs that have increasingly overwhelmed the international system in recent years. As the number of people displaced by conflict exceeded 51 million in 2014, and the cost of assistance escalated to USD 450 million, the need to address cycles of conflict and need has reached a new urgency. To do this, new approaches are required that can reconcile efforts to meet short-term needs with the necessity of contributing to long- term peace and development outcomes.

Girl Child Education and Women Empowerment

Lobbing Advocacy For Peace

Youth Empowerment

Strengthening Market System

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